Our Story


 It all started for nearly a hundred years ago in the kitchen of a young and driven man's home.

Valter Ljungström founded SIR of Sweden 1925 in Vingåker, Sweden. Since he was only eighteen years old and at the time not old enough to form a company according to Swedish law, hence; his mother, Hilma had to register and form Ljungströms Konfektionsfabrik AB.

They choose the brand name "SIR" to reflect the well-tailored and elegant style of a British Gentleman and then they started their first production plant; right in their own kitchen. Valter was a driven entrepreneur and salesman and took on the roads, starting to sell the new collection to selected retailers. The first city he went to was Nyköping, where he successfully landed his first order with Annerstedts Herrekipering. A true sign of SIRs customer oriented and service minded philosophy is the fact that Annerstedt remained a SIR customer and retailer for two generations until the shop finally closed down around the turn of the millennium. From the very beginning Valter was dedicated to the craftsmanship of bespoke clothing, his father Joel had been a tailor all his life and knew the relevance of true quality.

As the business grow the production became more and more automated, electrical machines where purchased and the kitchen soon became too small for the production.
However, the attention to craftsmanship and tailored skills has always been essential for SIR and a key factor when recruiting staff. At the peak of the domestic production in the early seventies the company employed some 1300 people in its different productions plants in and around Vingåker.

Today the Swedish production has gone through a structural phase, nevertheless, the importance of quality control and fine craftsmanship is still there. The design and pattern making, an essential part of tailored clothing, is still executed in-house and the production is done in plants within EU, using only the fines fabrics from Italy and other exclusive European mills. Today SIR of Sweden is a leading brand throughout Scandinavia when it comes to tailored clothing. With the growing number of businesswomen, the ladies collection has become more and more important.

The king with company and the King.

Valters Ljungströms grandchildren are running the company today and say that they are proud to carry on his quest to offer high quality products, designed and produced with the highest skills of tailored craftsmanship. High quality, craftsman skills and unsurpassed tailoring was the founding values that made SIR of Sweden one of Sweden's most successful brands.